IM Pricing Plans:Premium/Ultimate

This document details the billing rules for the IM Premium plan, IM Ultimate plan and corresponding value-added services provided for non-Beijing data centers (Singapore, North America).

The pricing in this document is in RMB and is only applicable to service orders settled in RMB. If you use a non-RMB settlement method, please consult the relevant business personnel for pricing information.


You can activate the RongCloud IM premium plan or IM ultimate plan in the RongCloud developer console. Billing starts once the service is activated.

Deposit requirements are as follows:

IM Pricing Plans How to Activate Minimum Deposit Amount
Free Automatically activated.
Premium User-activated. Downgrade from Premium plan is also supported. ¥ 6,000
Ultimate User-activated. ¥ 8,000

Pricing composition

The fees you pay each month generally consist of two parts:

By default, RongCloud supports up to 2 million Daily Delivered Message Quantity[1] for each application.

If the Daily Delivered Message Quantity[1:1] of your application exceeds 2 million, it belongs to a high-volume business application. Please contact RongCloud for a dedicated service. Dedicated service requires an additional monthly fee. Please contact +86 131-6185-6839 for details.

Monthly peak daily active user pricing tiers

For applications whose Daily Distributed Message Quantity ≦ 2 million, billing is based on the monthly peak DAU pricing tiers.

Please refer to the following table for monthly peak DAU pricing tiers:

Monthly peak DAU range IM premium plan fee (monthly) IM ultimate plan fee (monthly)
DAU ≦ 10k ¥ 6000 ¥ 8000
DAU > 10k +¥ 3000 / +10k DAU +¥ 3000 / +10k DAU

After exceeding 10k DAU, the monthly fee of the premium plan increases by ¥ 3000 for every additional 10k DAU and the ultimate plan increases by ¥ 4500.

If the daily message distribution of your application exceeds 2 million, please contact 131-6185-6839 for detailed pricing.

Value-added service pricing standards

Value-added services are charged on a monthly basis based on the function usage fee per month.

check Indicates that this billing plan already includes this service and no additional fees are required.

Category Value-added service IM premium plan IM ultimate plan Pricing standard
Chat room service Chat room keep-alive service ¥ check ¥ 2000 / month
Chat room service Global mute function in chat room ¥ check ¥ 2000 / month
Chat room service Chat room message priority service[2] ¥ check ¥ 2000 / month
Chat room service Chat room whitelist service[3] ¥ check ¥ 2000 / month
Chat room service Broadcast messages in chat room ¥ check ¥ 2000 / month
Callback service Message callback service ¥ check ¥ 2000 / month
Push service Push content template setting ¥ check ¥ 2000 / month
Storage service Enable: 1-to-1 and group chat message cloud storage[4] check check Included: 6 months of storage
Storage service Extend: 1-to-1 and group chat message cloud storage ¥ ¥ ¥ (1200 x number of half years extended[5]) / month
Storage service Enable: Chat room message cloud storage[6] ¥ ¥ ¥ 1000 / month
Storage service Extend: Chat room message cloud storage ¥ ¥ ¥ (1000 x number of extended months) / month
Storage service Extend: Ultragroup message cloud storage [7] - - ¥ (1,000 x number of extended months)/month
Sensitive words Increase the number of sensitive words - - Included: 50 sensitive words. For every additional 1,000 words, there’s an extra ¥ 1,200/month
API frequency Increase API call frequency - - See API frequency adjustment fee standard
Desktop version PC - - ¥ 5,000/month

API frequency adjustment fee standard

Frequency adjustment function name Corresponding interface Adjustment amplitude at a time Charge for single adjustment
Query group members /group/user/query.json + 100 times/sec +¥ 400 /month
Send push notification[send-push] /push.json +1 time/day +¥ 1,200/month
Send one-to-one messages /message/private/publish.json + 6,000/min +¥ 400 /month
Send one-to-one template messages /message/private/publish_template.json + 6,000/min +¥ 400 /month
Send group messages /message/group/publish.json +20/sec +¥ 400 /month
Send chatroom broadcast messages /message/chatroom/broadcast.json +1/sec +¥ 1,200/month
Send chatroom messages /message/chatroom/publish.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Send system messages /message/system/publish.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Send system template messages /message/system/publish_template.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Send all user notifications /message/broadcast.json +1 time/day +¥ 1,200/month
Query user online status /user/checkOnline.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Ban users /user/block.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Unblock users user/unblock.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Get banned users /user/block/query.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Add users to blacklist /user/blacklist/add.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Remove users from blacklist /user/blacklist/remove.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Get a user’s blacklist list /user/blacklist/query.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Add users to whitelist /user/whitelist/add.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Remove users from whitelist /user/whitelist/remove.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month
Get a user’s whitelist list /user/whitelist/query.json +100/sec +¥ 400 /month

Billing Cycle

Billing starts immediately after service activation. Settlement is made at 24:00 on the last day of each month, bills are generated and fees deducted at 24:00 on the 1st of the next month.

If your account has a negative balance, you need to restore the balance and make corresponding payments within 7 days.

:warning: If the arrears status exceeds 7 days, the system will execute service shutdown processing. To ensure the smooth running of your business, it is recommended that you deposit more than 3 months of fees. For details, please consult +86 13161856839.

  1. The daily delivered message count refers to the total number of messages and status notifications that targeted users receive. ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. It means setting specified message types to low priority messages, up to 20 message types can be set as low priority message types. When server load is high, low priority messages will be discarded first if received. For example, if the App business has customized praise messages, it can be configured as a low priority message type, and praise messages will be discarded first when the chatroom message volume is large. ↩︎

  3. It includes chatroom user whitelist function and chatroom message whitelist function. The chatroom user whitelist can be used to protect important users in the specified chatroom. For example, administrators and anchors in the App business. The chatroom message whitelist can be used to protect specified message types in all chatrooms under the App. For example, the red envelope messages customized by the App business. ↩︎

  4. 6 months of storage is enabled by default after activation. ↩︎

  5. The adjustment amplitude is a fixed value of 6 months each time. Every 6 months of extended storage duration increases the monthly fee by ¥ 600. ↩︎

  6. 2 months of storage is enabled by default after activation. ↩︎

  7. Only IM Appreciate Edition supports super group business. ↩︎